Adopt a child and change a life

Adopt a child and a change a life today by providing a new family for children who were unable to have one.

Adoption is the legal child adoption process in which a child or children who cannot be brought up within their birth family become full, permanent and legal members of a new family. Children may not have a family due to the death of their parents or in circumstances where parents are not capable of looking after their children and their needs.

Adopting a child allows the adopting parents to become the child’s legal parents with the same rights and responsibilities as if the child was born to them. Child Adoption can change the life of innocent children and provide them with a strong and stable family life. This article considers the stages of adoption and how you can go about adopting a child.

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Adopt a child and change a life

There are numerous advantages for children who are adopted, and adoption can change their life. Adopted children grow up in a family that will lovingly and selflessly care for them.
Other advantages of adopting a child include:

• They have committed parents and a stable home
• They have opportunities and resources that you may not have been able to provide for them at your stage in life

How you can adopt a child and change a life

As well as changing a child’s life adopting a child can also change the life of families that choose to adopt. Adopting parents benefit from the joy and blessing of adding a child to their family and provides them with an opportunity to raise a child and provide a loving home to a deprived child. Often adopting parents may not be able to have their own children so they adopt a child and change a life of not only the child but their own.

What is the first step to adoption?

Once you have taken the decision of adopting a child you will need to contact an adoption agency. There are many adoption agencies in the UK such as Barnardos, adoption matters, IAC and many more. The chosen adoption agency will discuss the details of adoption in detail and assist you in making an informed decision. You will then need to complete an application form.

Once an application has been accepted by the adoption agency a 2 stage process follows before you can adopt a child.

Preparation Training

The first stage of the adoption process is known as preparation training. This usually lasts 2 months and involves learning about what is involved in adopting a child and references and checks are obtained for each applicant.

Adopters will be expected to undertake preparation training, spend time researching adoption and complete an adoption journey log.

Adoption Assessment to adopt a child

When adopting a child the adoption assessment is the second stage of the adoption process. This usually lasts for a period of 4 months. The adoption assessment involves intensive assessment and preparation as well as further training to ensure the adopting parent or parents are ready to be recommended for approval for adopting a child.

During this stage the adopting parents are allocated an assessing social worker who will visit them around six to eight times and prepare a Prospective Adopters Report. Adopting parents will also be expected to attend an adoption preparation course. 

The adoption assessment stage also involves:

  • Police checks
  • Reference checks
  • Medical examinations
  • Any other assessments deemed appropriate to the case, including investigations of other immediate family members

Once completed the report is presented to an independent adoption panel.

The Adoption Panel

The panel consists of professionals which include social workers, medical and educational professionals, adoptive parents, adopted people, a chairperson and an independent panel advisor.

Adopting parents will be invited to attend. The panel will have reviewed and considered the Prospective Adopters Report and will ask you any questions they have and allow you to ask them any questions with regards to adopting a child.

The panel will subsequently make a recommendation on your decision of adopting a child and your chosen agencies decision maker will make the final decision about the suitability of the adopting parents.

Finding a family

The next stage of the adoption process is finding a family for a child. Your chosen adoption agency’s social workers will spend their time working with adopters, social workers and the social workers of children with an adoption plan to find and match children with adopters who can meet their needs.

Once a match has been made the adopting family spends time with the child to get to know the child. This is usually undertaken with the assistance of your adoption social worker. A series of visits and short stays lead up to the child moving in. once this process is complete you can apply to the court to become their legal parent and to formalise the child’s relationship to you.

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