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A child lawyer could help you achieve the results you want in your child law matter. At Kabir Family Law, our child lawyers possess an extensive range and knowledge in dealing with child law matters. Being a niche family law practice enables our child lawyers to ensure all of their time, knowledge and expertise is utilised in helping you resolve your child law matter.

Our child lawyers understand that following a marital breakdown or separation there can be many issues which need to be resolved, most of the issues surround the children from the relationship. At Kabir Family law, our child lawyers understand and deal with all aspects of child law ranging from child contact, child custody, parental responsibility and child maintenance.

Our child lawyers understand the concerns of parents who are looking to divorce and separate and want to resolve their child law issues.

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Why choose a child lawyer with your family law matter

Choosing a child lawyer for your family law matter can be beneficial.

Child lawyers often have a vast amount of knowledge and experience which can be a value add to advancing a case. By assessing your situation they will be able to provide you with your prospects from the outset and will be able to provide you with the best options which are likely to help you in succeeding and helping you achieve the best result possible.

Child lawyers can also formally write to the other parent to try and promote them to participate in the proceedings which may prompt an early agreement. In effect child lawyers if utilised early could initially try and assist you in reaching an early settlement which can prevent your family matter escalating to the family court which will save you both time and costs.

What to look out for when considering a child lawyer for child custody case?

When faced with child law matters you might be contemplating on whether you should obtain child law advice service. Knowing how to choose a child lawyer which will provide you with the advice you need and be the tight fit for you and your case is not an easy task.

The choice of a child lawyer could be crucial to your personal family matter and the way the matter progresses. When choosing a child lawyer, you may want to carry out as much research as possible to find the best lawyer for your needs. It is quite common for parents to change lawyers during their matter. This could lead to inconsistency in dealing with the matter and potentially increase legal costs. Our child lawyers have concluded cases which were initially handled by another lawyer.

When considering a best lawyer for child custody case, you may want to identify a budget. Most lawyers charge for their services at an hourly rate. Some lawyers accept a fixed fee based on the time they believe a case may require. Some lawyers may be agreeable to dealing with your matter on a pay as you go basis which means you will provide instructions as and when you need to limit the legal work required. You must carefully assess your budget and find a lawyer which you believe will be able to cater for your needs.

When choosing a child lawyer you should be presented with all the options available and the possible outcomes. Some child lawyers may only provide you with the best likely outcome and not properly discuss or evaluate the worst likely outcome along with how weaknesses can be transformed into strengths.

When considering a child lawyer, you should be aware of the experience, skills and knowledge of the lawyer. You should also consider whether your chosen lawyer will be able to provide you with the child law advice service you need. Your child lawyer needs to be able to solve problems as well as assist with the legal process. An ideal child lawyer will need to be a problem solver who works well with people and is able to compromise. Experience of a lawyer is also an essential component. A Lawyer who has a vast amount of knowledge in child law is more likely to provide you with better options than a non-specialist lawyer.

You must ensure you are comfortable with your relationship with your lawyer. When you instruct a lawyer, you will have frequent contact with them during an emotionally difficult time. Your relationship with your child lawyer may continue for some months or even years. It is therefore ideal to find and engage with a child lawyer who is the right fit for you and your case.

Importance of using the best child lawyer for child custody case

It is extremely important you use the best child lawyer for your family matter. Your chosen child lawyer should be able to carry out the tasks required to successfully achieve your objectives and provide you with competent child law advice service. If you chose a child lawyer who is not the best for your case, you may be in a position where you have to change your lawyer. This process can be time consuming and expensive. Switching lawyers in between an ongoing case can cause many inconsistencies. Quite often this may lead to a duplication of the works required and increased costs. It could also cause damage to your case which will require more time and works to undo. At Kabir Family Law, our family specialists often deal with cases in which parents have had to change their lawyer. Our clients often tell us that had they instructed us at the start the matter would have been dealt with swiftly.

At Kabir Family Law, our child lawyers take pride in their work. We work tirelessly around the clock to ensure we achieve the best possible outcome for you and your case. We will place you and your case with a child lawyer who possesses the required skills and experience to ensure your case is handled to perfection. We offer support around the clock, so you can rest assure that you will be able to speak to your child lawyer at any time which suits you.

We provide our clients with regular updates and cost updates to ensure you are aware of the progress on your matter and can control your finances. Contact us today to find out how our dedicated specialists can add more value to your case.

How the best lawyer for child custody case may not be a good fit for you 

Sometimes the best lawyer for child custody case may not be a good fit you. With advancing technology, a lot of solicitor’s practices present their websites in a way which seem to suggest they are family law or child custody specialists. In reality some of these practices are multi-disciplined. This effectively means they deal with many different areas of the law and family law may only be a partial or a relatively small area they practice in. As a result their ability to provide the best child law advice service may be restricted.

In such cases these practices may not be best placed to deal with your matter given that they may be restricted in their knowledge and experience as they are juggling their family law department with other areas. It is therefore paramount for you to speak to a few lawyers and practices to decide which lawyer for child custody will be able to best represent your interests.

With such practices you may just be a number and although they maybe able to assist, they may not be able to provide the level of service, skills and experience which you need to succeed. At Kabir Family Law we take pride in being a niche family law practice. By dealing with family law only we will be able to place you with a family law specialist who will be the right fit for you and your case. Our specialists have acquired an array of skills, experience in knowledge by dealing with family matters only which means whatever your family law issue is it will be familiar to us. We aim to provide outstanding child law advice service to all our clients to ensure they are best placed to succeed.

You will need to assess whether the family law practice you have chosen is target based. In this day and age quite a lot of practices and legal advisors are target based. They are required to bill a lot of hours for works done in order to achieve their targets. This could possibly mean you may not get value for your money given that they will also be concentrating on the quantity of the work done rather than the quality. Such practices may not be suited to your needs especially if you have a limited budget to utilise on legal costs.

At Kabir Family Law we deal with all aspects of family law including cases and clients with an international element. You may have moved abroad, or the other parent may have moved abroad following a separation. Despite this your child law matter will need addressing. A lot of the family law practices are not able to cater for international clients. This is quite important given that the number of international child matters such as child abduction, child protection, international child custody issues and international child contact issues need addressing. Child custody lawyers need to understand the technicalities and issues that could possibly arise when dealing with an international matter. These issues can be quite challenging.

At Kabir family law our specialists also possess international family law knowledge. We can deal with all aspects of international child law issues. We are confident we will be able to provide exceptional international child law service to best suit your needs. We also offer a service of providing consultations via Skype which means we can contact you and provide updates at any time of the day regardless of the time difference.

Best lawyer for child custody case

Our child lawyers understand the sensitive nature of child law and especially with regards to child custody cases. We understand that it is difficult not having child custody of your children and it can be difficult in deciding where your children will stay and what is in their best interests.

At Kabir Family Law we have an extensive experience and knowledge in dealing with child custody and child arrangements. We have helped many parents reach an agreement in relation to the custody of their children and have also assisted many parents obtaining joint custody and also assisted parents with acquiring child contact which they previously did not have. We will ensure the best lawyer for child custody case is placed with your case.

Our child lawyers will ensure they listen to your child custody case before attempting first settle your matter amicably by trying to communicate with your partner. If this fails, we can assist you in obtaining mediation to try and resolve any differences.

If you are unable to reach a decision by agreement our child lawyers will ensure they assist you in making an application for your child custody case to your local family court to try and obtain the outcome you desire and will guide you through the process from the initial consultation to your final hearing.

Benefits of using a child law advice service 

Quite often parents assume that using a child law advice service can be quite expensive and has to be utilised for the full duration of your family dispute. This is incorrect. At Kabir family law, our specialists are able to provide you advice as and when you need. With vast amounts of experience in dealing with purely family law, our specialists are able to provide advice and assistance at any stage of your matter. Together we can devise a strategy which will enable you to control your finances and costs by advising you on which tasks you can complete alone and which tasks we can assist you on. We can provide a pay as you go service which means you can seek advice and assistance where you feel you are unable to act yourself.

Getting a child lawyer on hand early on during the case

It is advisable to getting a child lawyer on hand early on during a case. Obtaining early legal advice will ensure that you are fully aware of what is required to help you succeed in your family matter. Quite often a simple discussion may be all that is needed to resolve your matter.

Our family law specialists will provide you with an initial consultation in which they will carefully listen to your concerns and your situation with empathy. We will ensure you are provided with tailored advice to suit your individual circumstances. With this advise you will be provided with the possible outcomes and a strategy on how to deal with your matter.

Quite often family matters can be dealt with amicably between the parties. If you are unable to reach an agreement with the other parent, then our child lawyers can attempt to mediate and if that fails we can write to the other parent to request a response which could kick start discussions. If all fails, our child lawyers can assist you in bringing your matter before a family court and assist you with any applications concerning your child. By getting a child lawyer early you can prepare ahead for your case and ensure you compile all the evidence which can help your case. We will also ensure we prepare you for your hearings and ensure representation at the hearings is available should this be needed.

By consulting a child lawyer early, you will also be able to assess the works which will be required and the cost estimate which will allow you to plan ahead and control your finances.

We offer an initial consultation to all our clients and with offices nationwide we ensure no one is deprived of family law advice. Contact us today to see how you can benefit from our child law advice.

Importance of getting the best legal advice from a child lawyer before starting court action 

Getting legal advice from a child lawyer before starting court action is very important. Parents may often be stressed in relation to their matter and often fail to consider what options are available to them. Parents often commence court action prior to getting legal advice or consulting child law advice service.

As our child lawyers have noted not all child law matters have to end up in a legal dispute or in court. By seeking the best legal advice from a child lawyer before starting court action you will able to discuss the possibility of trying to reach an agreement or settle your dispute without the need of court involvement. This could potentially save you time and legal fees as well allow you to settle your matter effectively.

Getting best legal advice from a child lawyer prior to stating a court action could also mean you accurately complete any applications made to the court. Unfortunately, the courts operate strictly. Which means if applications are not completed correctly the courts may return the paperwork. This could mean you will have to wait longer to get your matter heard and could also result in incurring further costs.

Child Law Advice Service

At Kabir Family Law we ensure clients from all over the country are given the opportunity to benefit from our child law advice service. We have offices in Northampton, Oxford, Newcastle, London and York. As well as catering for clients with child law issues from these areas we also service clients nationally and provide child law advice service which can take place over the telephone or through Skype.

Our child lawyers offer child law advice service on all aspects of child law. We will listen to your situation carefully with compassion and empathy before advising you on a framework to be used which will enable you to succeed.

Our child lawyers work tirelessly around the clock and will ensure they provide you with the child law advice service you need at a time to suit you and your family. We aim to minimise the stress and difficulty you are already going through by limiting the disruption and ensuring that you and your family are not distracted from leading your daily life.

Contact our offices today to see how we can assist in your child custody matter

If you would like to benefit from our child lawyers in a matter relating to child custody or any other child law matter then contact us today on 0330 094 5880 or let us call you back to arrange an initial no obligation consultation.