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International family law cases can usually be very complicated and challenging. The law differs in each country. Countries time issues can be a setback for people looking to get support and advice on international family law and experts who can cater internationally may be required.

The demand in cross border divorces and family issues is on the rise given the close connections people have to more than one country or assets which may be held abroad by way of birth or employment in another country. Our international matrimonial experts at Kabir family law are able to cater for international clients who wish to pursue a divorce in the UK or international divorce. Here at Kabir family law we have expertise in international family and can provide the advice and support needed to guide you through this difficult phase.

Our international matrimonial experts  can engage in providing advice in relation to English law and the most suitable jurisdiction for divorce and financial settlement concerning international divorce. As parties often race to conducting proceedings, it is important that timely advise is sought to bring a divorce and financial settlement especially to prevent your partner from bringing international divorce proceedings in a country which is more advantageous to them and ensuring that if you have a choice of jurisdiction you make an informed decision about the jurisdiction you proceed in which will be more beneficial to you.

International Family Law Contents

Is it difficult to resolve an international case?

It is important to utilise the services of international family specialists who understand and specialise in international family law issues given that these laws vary from country to country. Your chosen expert will need to understand the technicalities and complications that could possibly arise when dealing with your matter internationally.

International issues are often more challenging in comparison to national issues as different countries have varying international family law requirements and proceedings. The divorce laws can vary in each jurisdiction which could mean that there may be more hurdles to overcome.

Common international family law cases

Here are just a handful of international family law cases that we work with:

  • Asset protection and valuation
  • International divorce
  • Marital agreements
  • Property arrangements
  • Protecting international business trusts and interests
  • International asset tracing
  • Freezing assets to prevent them being moved to another jurisdiction.
  • International adoption
  • International custody issues and other international child custody law

If your query is not listed above, please contact our team of international family specialists who may be able to assist. We deal with a variety of complicated issues concerning international laws and may be able to assist even though your query is not listed on our website.

International child custody 

As well as international separation and divorce we also specialise in child matters and can work with International child custody matters. Are you concerned about your children being separated from you and being taken abroad following a separation? Contact one of our international family specialists today who can look to discuss this matter in depth with you and provide you with assurance that your matter will be dealt with in a timely manner.

Moving a child abroad without parental responsibility can be deemed as abduction and usually takes place when divorce proceedings between parents turn unpleasant. Our international family law experts can help you avoid this situation and can also provide you with the relevant guidance and advice if your child has relocated abroad.

The primary objective in child relocation cases is to ensure that the affected child is safely placed and returned. In order to meet this objective we work with Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction.  Our child custody specialists have experience in reuniting parents with their children if they have moved abroad without permission and should this have happened to you please do not hesitate to contact us for advice in relation to resolving this difficult situation.

Alternatively, if you are a parent and want to relocate abroad with your child, our specialists can assist you to obtain written permission from the other parent or anyone with parental responsibility. Without such written permission you may need to apply to the court for permission to relocate abroad with a child. This is to ensure you are not subject to having committed child abduction.


  • Which international countries do you work with? Our recent cases have involved issues in Europe, Canada, United States, the UAE and the British Virgin Islands. We are also able to work on cases all over the world and have resolved cases in over many countries worldwide.
  • Can you work with international matrimonial cases? Yes! We’re able to work on international matrimonial and divorce cases that are commenced in the UK.
  • What will I need to begin my case? We will need full details of the problem you’re experiencing, along with and evidence that you may have that will support the case in court. This will allow us to proceed with your international family law enquiry and case.

When can I start my case? 

It is vital to start working on your case imminently given the complex nature of the case and working internationally. Other factors such as time difference delays may also affect your case therefore it is vital to commence your case as soon as possible to avoid delays and to reach a conclusion to your case.


We pride ourselves in keeping you updated throughout your international family law matter and our specialists will ensure you are fully aware of an understand the process for your case.

Tailored consultation

We offer a confidential and no obligation initial consultation for anyone who may be affected by international issues but are unknown to the issues they may encounter before the case actively commences. The consultation which can also be conducted via Skype, if you are based internationally allows you to consider the financial implications and allows our team of dedicated specialists to assess the likelihood of achieving the best possible result.

Speak with our Family Law Specialists today

Kabir Family Law provide around the clock assistance and offer international family law services. In order to help solve your international family issue our family law experts work effortlessly and tirelessly to communicate with specialists around the globe when required and try to reduce the stress and impact on your daily life.

If you’re looking for a friendly team of international family experts that will clearly explain to you the process, your options and help you decide on the best method to resolve your case, get in touch with us today.  Our team have years of experience working with international family law cases and we’re confident that we can help you, too. With family lawyers in Fulham and across the UK we are proud to have a national reach within family law.