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At Kabir Family Law, our child custody specialists understand how tough a separation can be on the children caught in the middle. The children will be affected emotionally as well as having a new living arrangement.  

As a parent, you may want to arrange which spouse has custody of any children involved. It is possible to reach an agreement between the parents to consist of how much time the child will spend with each parent. However, it may be difficult to reach such an agreement especially when there is a challenging situation such as separation or divorce which could make discussions and agreements difficult. Our child custody specialists can assist you with advising on your child custody rights.

Child Custody Contents

Child Custody

Our child law specialists are able to advise you on not only securing child custody whether you are seeking sole or joint child custody but on how to conclude any specific issues that cannot be agreed on.  

Securing a child custody court order

Additionally at Kabir Family Law we can assist you in obtaining a legally binding child arrangement order for your children if you are looking for comfort of security that child arraignments will remain intact.

Parental responsibility

Our child custody specialists also have experiencing in dealing with father’s rights. Usually fathers are not aware of their rights over a child and often may be subjected to receiving little or no custody of their child. Kabir Family Law can assist you in making sure you fathers understand their custody rights and our child law specialists can try and achieve you, your right of seeing your child.

If an agreement cannot be reached between the parents in respect of child custody, the matter may need to be decided at court before a judge. Nothing within the law prevents any parent from having custody of a child. What the Courts will consider is the motive for the custody.

If you feel that the other parent may me more concerned with punishing you rather than concerned about the welfare of the child you can contact our team of child custody specialists who can review the matter with you and assist you in preparing your matter to be considered before the court. Our family law specialists will also be able to assist if you feel the parent with whom the child is currently living with is unfit to care for the child. Should any of the above apply please contact our experts for a consultation who would be happy to guide you.

Range of child law orders

Our child law specialists work effortlessly to ensure you obtain the best possible outcome for your child. We can look to assist in obtaining the following outcomes for you:

  • Residence Order – an order determining where your child will live.
  • Contact Order – an order making arrangements for contact with your children.
  • Prohibited Steps Order – an order preventing a parent from taking particular action in relation to your children, including being taken from you to live elsewhere.
  • Specific Issue Order – an order to resolve a specific point of dispute such as which school your child should attend.
  • Parental Responsibility Agreement – Protect your legal rights in being involved in important decisions concerning your child’s education, health and welfare.

Our child custody specialists can assist in obtaining and organising parental responsibility and child contact. Contact our team where one of our child law specialists can assist with your query and also provide you with an option to deal with your case via Skype, we’re able to keep you informed about your case as soon as we receive an update.


  • What is a child arrangements order? This is an order granted by a Court when parents cannot agree between themselves as to who will have contact or live with the child. Child Arrangement Orders detail how much time each parent will spend with the child, along with where the child will live.
  • Can I still get parental responsibility of a child I have adopted? Yes! In order to do this, a person with existing parental responsibility (such as the adopted child’s biological mother) must appoint you as the child’s new guardian.
  • Is it possible to lose parental responsibility? It is possible to lose responsibility of your child as their biological mother and occurs if the child is adopted.
  • Did you know that we’re one of the top custody experts and have assisted many of families in organising parental responsibility and child contact? And, with the option to deal with your case via Skype, we’re able to keep you informed about your case as soon as we receive an update!

Child custody after a divorce or separation

Child custody and contact is one of the most bitterly argued-over issues following a divorce or separation. Our child law specialists strongly encourage you to try and resolve your differences amicably and mutually through mediation where a neutral third-party can help you agree the terms and conditions of contact with your children. However, if you have already attempted this route with no success, then it may be necessary to issue court proceedings as a last resort.

Court processes for child custody rights

If you have not been able to come to an agreement in respect of your children our highly skilled child law specialists can assist you and provide you with strong legal support at every stage of the court process.

We work tirelessly to get the best possible outcome for you and your children; that’s our promise to you.

It is important to remember that the Court’s decision will be based on what’s in the best interest of your children as their welfare is of utmost importance. Under the Children Act 2004, it is not your contact with your children but what’s best for your children that matters most.

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