Attenborough Nature Reserve

The Attenborough Nature Reserve was opened by Sir David Attenborough in 1966. The Reserve attracts as much as approximately 500,000 visitors a year and is seen as a much loved and nationally important site. One of the main features of the Attenborough Nature Reserve is the birds. Over 250 species of birds have been recorded at the Attenborough Nature Reserve. There are also reports of rare wildlife sightings such as Bitterns which is a secretive bird and difficult to see. This type of bird moves silently looking for fish. As well as Bitterns the other wildlife to see at the Attenborough are the Kingfisher, Otter and Sand Martin.

History of the Attenborough Nature Reserve

The Attenborough Nature Reserve is managed by the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust who saved this back in the 1960s. The size of the area in which Attenborough Nature Reserve is located is 220 hectares. There have been a number of historic artifacts uncovered at the Attenborough Nature Reserve including coins, roman boot studs, mammoth tusks and an early medieval wooden mallet. Prior to the Attenborough Nature Reserve the area formed a series of wet meadows, wet flashes and varied deposits of mineral and organic materials.

The Attenborough Nature Centre was opened much later in 2005. This allowed the ability to provide educational activities and an opportunity to reach out with people and to connect them to the nature and wildlife and creating an interest for this.

Wildlife Exhibitions at the Attenborough Nature Reserve

The Attenborough Nature Reserve also holds wildlife exhibitions and provides a range of exhibitions and tours. A recent popular tour is the Idle Valley Beaver Watching Tour which provides a chance to wildlife and nature lovers to see the beavers and spot signs of their activity at dusk.

Art exhibitions and talks are also held at the Attenborough Nature Reserve. There is also the chance to take part in the upcoming wildlife conservation around the world which provides a run down on the different approaches of wildlife conservation and the advantages and disadvantages associated with each approach.

Employment team bonding days at the Attenborough Nature Reserve

The Attenborough Nature Reserve provides an opportunity for work colleagues to bond and spend time outside of the office or their usual workplace whilst enjoying the nature. The aim of such days is to promote team building and team bonding whilst connecting and engaging with nature and wildlife. This is often seen as boosting mental and physical wellbeing as well as allowing the opportunity of engaging with the local community. The wild work day is an all-day activity which runs from 10am until 3pm. The charge of this is £70 per person which helps the charity organisation which is responsible for the Attenborough Nature Reserve. The day will usually involve a guided walk, conservation work as well as being provided with a packed lunch which is included in the price. All equipment and materials will be provided as well as sufficient training and supervision from the staff and volunteers at the Attenborough Nature Reserve. If you want to be a part of this you can arrange a booking by contacting 0115 958 8242.

Room Hire at Attenborough Nature Reserve

The Sheldonian Theatre provides 2 options for tours. These are the self-guided tour and the guided tour.

  • The self-guided tour allows visitors to tour around the Sheldonian at their own pace. You can simply pick up a leaflet at the reception and visit the site alone. Staff will be on hand to answer any questions or queries you may have.
  • The guided tours are the most popular amongst the tourists and visitors. Guided tours allow the opportunity to find out about the history of the University of Oxford. A private guided tour can also be booked with the Sheldonian’s Tour Guide, Oxford City Walks. This guided tour allows the opportunity to learn about the Sheldonian’s past and uncover its secrets. Guided tours can also be booked via Trip Advisor online.

    The Attenborough Nature Reserve has proven to be a popular location for meetings and conferences. The rooms surrounded by the waters have been an attraction for all types of conferences and meetings. This facility includes access to Wi-Fi, a 75 inch LED TV as well as flipcharts.

    The rooms at Attenborough Nature Reserve are conveniently located at a 5 minutes’ drive from the M1 motorway and only 20 minutes’ drive from the Nottingham City Centre. The Conference room has the capacity to host 24 people in a boardroom style setting or up to 40 people in a theatre style setting. Should you be interested in booking the rooms or using this on your team bonding experience day then you can contact on 0115 972 1777 for further information.

Walk around the Attenborough Nature Reserve

A circular route is available for walking at the Attenborough Nature Reserve. The Distance covered by the walk is 5 miles. Whilst walking you will have the opportunity to see lakes together with sighting a variety of birds and other wildlife which you may have never come across prior to your visit. The walk allows you to also see grassland, mud flats and woodland. The Attenborough Nature reserve also provides places to relax for a picnic, to sit down and relax when tired or to feed the ducks. There is also a visitor centre which houses toilets together with a Café for a coffee or a drink whilst you continue with your walk.

Planning your visit at the Attenborough Nature Reserve

Car parking at the Attenborough Nature Reserve is available at the price of £3 for the whole day. The Car park is open form 9am to 8pm. The nature centre and café times vary during the summer and winter seasons. In summer the Nature centre and cafe are open on both weekdays and weekends. On weekdays the nature centre is open from 9am to 5pm whilst the Café closes at 4:30pm. On weekends the opening times are 9am to 6pm with the café closing at 5.30pm.

In the winter the Nature Centre and café is open every day of the week from 9am to 4.30pm with the café closing at 4pm.

Nearby attractions 

The Attenborough Nature Reserve also houses a nature shop. The shop sells items of gifts and souvenirs as well as nature items such as nest boxes, bird seeds and feeders. The shop is a great attraction for nature lovers as well as home gardeners and provides products and ideas to help you develop your own back garden. The Attenborough Nature Reserve also provides a café which serves hot and cold food. Breakfast is also served until 11am to help kick start your day of activities and adventure at the Attenborough Nature Reserve.

Whilst being fascinated by nature and wildlife you may also be interested in history. Located not so far is the Nottingham Industrial Museum. Whilst visiting the Attenborough Nature reserve you can also visit the Nottingham Industrial Museum which is only 6.3 miles away.

How to find Attenborough Nature Reserve in Nottingham

Our family lawyers in Nottingham are situated approximately 6.7 miles from the Attenborough Nature Reserve. If you are experiencing any family law issues then contact Kabir Family Law for a free initial consultation on 0115 666 3800. We are located at 2 King Street, Nottingham, NG1 2AS.

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