Family Lawyers & Divorce Specialists in Durham

At Kabir Family Law, our family lawyers in Durham deal exclusively in family law cases.

We therefore provide specific and tailored advice and guidance backed with empathy to assist you. We treat each enquiry individually and ensure the family law specialist assigned to query will be the right fit for you to help you succeed.

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Family Lawyers and Divorce specialists in Durham

We are a team of family lawyers and divorce specialist in Durham with years of experience in dealing with all areas of family law matters. Whatever your matter you can be sure to receive legal advice backed with years of experience and technical know-how.

As well as divorce, our family lawyers in Durham also specialise in all aspects of child law. We understand matters involving children can be traumatic and stressful. Our experts work around you to ensure that least disruption as possible is caused to you and your family life. You will be kept up to date at every stage of your matter which means you will not need to be worried about how well your matter is progressing.

Divorce Lawyers in Durham

Our Divorce lawyers in Durham have experience in all aspects of divorce.

From the initial consultation your case strategy will be discussed so there will be a clear road map of where your case will need to proceed to reach an outcome that is within your best interests. Our specialists can help you from advising you in completing your divorce petition through to obtaining your decree absolute which is the final order which confirms your marriage has legally ended.

You may have already initiated the divorce process and may be finding it difficult to complete the rest of the process or may not have sufficient time whilst trying to get your life back on track. Our family lawyers can deal with your case at any stage and not just from the start. Therefore whether you are considering bringing a divorce application or are partway through the process we can help.

Financial settlement following divorce

Our family lawyers in Durham aim to advise and assist in matrimonial finances being concluded at the same time as the divorce; allowing you to have financial security and freedom after you have divorced. Our divorce law specialists out of Durham can arrange meditation if dialogue directly between you and your partner fails.

Our divorce law specialists in Durham are highly trained and experienced in carefully helping you quantify a settlement before considering your basic needs and we can also review your matter to see if a financial offer you have received is reasonable.

Have you already divorced but not resolved finances?

Financial settlements can be complex depending on the needs of parties, type of assets and income available which is why it can be helpful to get legal advice to secure a suitable settlement that is in your best interests. Many people deal with financial settlements at the time of their divorce. However, as divorce can be quite stressful many people want the divorce process to be complete and revert back to their finances at a later stage.

A financial settlement can be concluded at any time either before or after divorce providing neither party remarries and financial claims have been properly preserved within the divorce process. If you are in a situation where you have divorced but would like to make a claim for financial settlement, then we welcome you to contact our divorce law specialists in Durham who could assist you in this matter.

As well as initiating financial settlement claims our specialists also have experience in defending financial settlement claims. Therefore, whatever your situation you can contact us and given that we deal with all aspects of divorce law we would be able to help.

I am not yet married but want advice on securing my assets can you help?

As well as specialising in divorce, our family lawyers and divorce specialists in Durham also deal with unmarried couple. You may have got significant assets or may be due to inherit some assets which you want to protect in the event of a divorce. Our experts also provide family law advice and assistance on prenuptial agreements.

This is an agreement confirming what will happen to assets and finances in the event of a divorce. A Prenuptial agreement usually covers issues relating to finances, property and other assets which may be shared jointly or individually. Our family law specialists in Durham can assist you in obtaining this agreement which is created before a couple marry and usually confirms how the assets will be divided in the event of a breakdown or divorce. Why not contact us today for a free initial consultation to see how our experts can help secure your future.

Child Law Services in Duham

Our family lawyers in Durham have built a strong reputation in dealing with child law matters. Given the sensitivity of the matter we keep all child matters confidential and work effortlessly around the clock to try and reach an agreement at the earliest convenience to ensure the child’s life is not disrupted.

Whether you are a parent who following a divorce has had no contact with your child, or whether you would like to obtain full custody of your child, our specialists place your interest at the forefront and work with you to create a strategy which will enable you to successfully achieve the best outcome for your child.

We have helped numerous deprived parents to secure contact with their children both in and out of court. Our family law specialists in Durham can try and assist you in reaching an agreement with the other parent out of court by way of an agreement. If an agreement cannot be reached our family law team in Durham can advise you on submitting an application to the Durham Family Court. Should the matter proceed to a court hearing we try and minimise the disruption caused to you and will ensure a hearing takes place at the Civil and Family Justice Centre at Green Lane, Old Elvet, Durham, DH1 3RG which is convenient for you.

Commonly asked questions that our Family Law Specialists in Durham are asked:

I don’t live around Durham can your family law specialists still help me?

Of course we can help. We cater for clients in Durham as well as surrounding areas of Croxdale, Coxhoe, Cornforth, Haswell, Willington and Trimdon to name a few. We have many offices across the country and our family law specialists can help you wherever in the United Kingdom you are.

Your family issue is our issue and we will ensure we can be of assistance. Did you know we also cater for clients based abroad? We are able to offer consultations via Skype and assist if you are abroad and you have an international family law enquiry.

If you need to speak to one of our experts for advice, then feel free to contact us on 0330 094 5880 to discuss your options on child arrangements or let us call you back. With family lawyers in Oxford, York, Newcastle, Manchester and London you can rest assure that we are within local reach of you.