Family Lawyers and Divorce Specialists in Seaham

Our family lawyers in Seaham are skilled with listening to your issue before providing you with impartial and practical advice backed with empathy and compassion.

Kabir Family law is a boutique practice which specialises in family law solely.

Where possible we will attempt to reach a solution to your problem amicably without the need of court intervention in order to try and reduce the stress you are already facing.

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Family lawyers in Seaham

Our family lawyers in Seaham appreciate that no two cases are the same and as such we pride ourselves in providing expert family law advice which is purely tailored to your individual needs and requirements. We provide you with practical rather than generic solutions to help you best prepare for what lies ahead. We treat each enquiry individually and you can rest assure that should you instruct us you will be dealing with a family law expert that is a perfect fit for you and your case.

Divorce lawyers in Seaham

Our divorce lawyers in Seaham have an array of knowledge, experience and technical skills when it comes to divorce law. Being a niche practice which specialises in family law allows our specialists to apply their skills to any family law issue.

Our divorce law specialists in Seaham are on hand to help you with advising you in completing your divorce petition through to obtaining your decree absolute, the final order which confirming that your marriage has legally terminated.

Our divorce law specialists at Kabir Family Law can deal with your case at any stage. Whether you are considering bringing a divorce application, are partway through the process or require advise on finances and children, we can help. So, contact us today to obtain expert guidance and speak to a specialist who can effectively deal with your enquiry.

Child Specialists in Seaham

Our family law specialists in Seaham appreciate the fact that child issues can be very sensitive, emotional and traumatic as both parents are fighting to keep their child. We carefully listen to your queries and concerns with empathy and provide practical family law advice on obtaining custody for your child, whether this be sole custody or shared custody.

As well as securing child custody we can also assist concerned parents in defending any action for child custody where this custody would be detrimental to their child. We fight for grandparents and guardians rights as well as rights for parents and are well equipped to deal with any situation.

Our family lawyers in Seaham are well renowned for their particular expertise in dealing with children law disputes and have been successful helping countless clients resolve child arrangements; whether this is securing joint custody, obtaining child contact, stopping contact to varying a Child Act Order.

You can rely on our strong team of family lawyers in Seaham to advise you through the process.

We have assisted parents who have been in the unfortunate situation of not having any contact with their child following a bitter separation or have had their contact reduced.

If arrangements cannot be settled we can advise you in completing and submitting child law applications to your local court, Sunderland County Court and Family Court Hearing Centre.

If you are required to attend a hearing you would be able to attend locally at Sunderland County Court and Family Court Hearing Centre, Gillbridge Avenue, Sunderland, SR1 3AP.

Our team of family specialists ensure you are kept up to date with the progress of your child matter and if Cafcass is involved we can prepare you ahead of your interview with Cafcass to ensure you are best placed to succeed.

I reside in Seaham, do I need to go with local family lawyers in Seaham?

People often assume that they must instruct a family practice which is local to them. The reason for this is that many clients feel if a practice is local, they can be visited at any time. With advancing technology all matters are capable of being conducted by telephone, email and post. Therefore, you do not necessarily need to choose a family law specialist who is local to you.

What is important is that you choose a family law specialist who takes pride in providing you with quality family law advice aimed to resolve your family disputes in a cost-effective and timely manner. Our family lawyers in Seaham achieve this by providing tailored advice and updates at all stages of your case. This eliminates the time you will need to make an appointment with a local specialist or visit them for an update. We ensure you receive an exceptional service without causing any disruption to your current life.

Our family law specialists in Seaham work around the clock and work together with you so you can discuss your matter at a time which is convenient to you.

At Kabir Family Law we also offer consultation and updates on your case via Skype if this is easier for you as this also allows you to be kept up to date no matter where in the world you may be travelling whilst ensuring we prioritise our exceptional service to you.

What family law matters do Kabir Family Law conduct?

Our family law specialists deal with family law only. Whatever your enquiry is you can rest assure it will be familiar to us. We offer family law advice on many areas and some of the areas in which our family law and divorce specialists in Seaham deal with are: Divorce and separation, financial settlements, pre and postnuptial agreements, international family law and international divorces, spousal maintenance and child custody and contact. If you require assistance on any of the above matters or anything else related to family law please contact us.

Contact our family lawyers and divorce specialist in Seaham today for a free initial consultation

Arrange a consultations with our family lawyers in Seaham today on 0191 814 1000 or let us call you back. Given the urgency and severity of some family disputes our family lawyers in Seaham also provide a 24/7 helpline on 0788 5536 424 for urgent enquiries. Our family law specialists work around the clock and are able to provide you with family law advice at a time which is best suited to you. You are not alone in your family law matter and together we can resolve your case.